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The History of Hoverbarges

One of the first Hoverbarges was the ACT-100, designed in the early 1970’s by UK company Air Cushion Equipment (ACE). In 1972 an ACE engineer was asked to create a modular platform for JT Mackley to use for their coastal engineering work. JT Mackley required a barge that could hover up a beach in the event of bad weather rather than having to go back to the safe haven of a port. The task was to use any of the equipment that lay in their yard on the basis that it had to be simple and not aircraft technology. The first modular Hoverbarges were then developed. JT Mackley formed a joint venture company with Air Cushion Equipment and created Mackley Air Cushion Equipment (Mackace). The assignment was to design and build Hoverbarges that operated all over the World. Hover Freight along with President Jim Ireland, have continued to upgrade designs and now has built the largest Hoverbarge in the world, designed and built in the USA.
90t Payload 2011
90t Payload
400T Payload 2009
400t Payload
200t Siberian 2009 Cold Weather
200t Siberian Cold Weather
330t Swamp Drilling 2008
330t Swamp Drilling
Ice Breaking Hoverbarge 1980
Ice Breaking Hoverbarge
50t Core Sampling 1979
50t Core Sampling
50t Bog Drilling 1978
50t Bog Drilling
250t Deep Sea 1976
250t Deep Sea
160t Ferry Crossing 1976
160t Ferry Crossing